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Knowledgebase : General
No, an account can only be attached to one service. You will have to create two accounts for both services.
Yes, please contact support [1] to switch your account service. If you have an active subscription you must cancel your subscription [2]. Then once your account is switched you can add credit manually each month or start a new subscription. If y...
Yes, you can use BTGuard from anywhere.
No, you cannot use Peerblock with BTGuard. Since your IP address is completely hidden with BTGuard, Peerblock is unnecessary anyway.
No, we currently do not offer any free trials. If you are unsatisfied with BTGuard you can cancel at anytime.
Unless you created a paypal subscription, you do nothing at all! Simply let your account expire. If you created a paypal subscription, cancel following these steps: 1. Locate BTGuard subscription [1] 2. Click on "Details" on the subscription you wish to...
Torrent speeds can accurately be tested by downloading our speed test torrent [1]. Links: ------ [1]
You can use BTGuard on as many computers and in as many locations as you like, however if you share your account with others and we see multiple locations at a single time, you risk termination.
No, BTGuard will hide your activity but not the amount of usage.
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