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Toronto adding 10Gbit connection
Posted by BTGuard Admin on 01 March 2013 05:11 PM

UPDATE April 29: The new 10Gbit is online in Amsterdam, we are well under capacity now across all cities. If we lost you to slow speeds, please file a ticket to get your account reactivated for free.

UPDATE April 15: We've had a major delay that will push this back at least another month. We will be adding another 10Gbit in Amsterdam within the next 10 business days to compensate.

Toronto is getting a new 10Gbit connection on March 28th. Speeds might be slower then usual for the rest of the month but we plan on being in a position to handle almost any growth come April.

If the speeds are too slow for you this month I implore you to try again in April. If your account expires before that, when April comes please file a ticket with Sales asking for a free week to test the improved speeds.


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