uTorrent Install Instructions

Download uTorrent

Compatible versions: 1.8.5, 2.0.3, 2.0.4

1. From uTorrent select Options->Preferences or hit CTRL+P.
2. Select Connection on the left side.
3. In the Proxy Box enter the following information:

  • Type: Socks5
  • Proxy: proxy.btguard.com
  • Port: 1025
  • Checkmark Authentication
  • Username:
  • Password: Enter your password.
  • Checkmark Use proxy server for peer-to-peer connections

4. Select BitTorrent on the left hand side.
5. Uncheck all Features except "Ask tracker for scrape information"
6. In the field "IP/Hostname to report to tracker" enter: proxy.btguard.com
7. Select OK and restart uTorrent
8. Disable IPv6 for your Internet connection:
Download patch, extract, and run DisableIPv6.reg.

This is a very fast torrent that will allow you to perform an acurate speed test.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ALTER THESE SETTINGS, TO BE ANONYMOUS YOU MUST NOT CHECK: Enable UPnP port mapping, Enable NAP-PMP port mapping, Add Windows Firewall Exceptions, Enable DHT Network, Enable DHT for new torrents, Enable Local Peer Discovery, Enable UDP tracker support, Enable Peer Exchange