VPN PPTP Setup for Windows 7
1. Click Start and type: setup vpn
2. Select Set up a virtual private network (VPN) connection
3. Internet address: vpn.btguard.com
Optional: To manually select your server location, please use ca.vpn.btguard.com for Canada or eu.vpn.btguard.com for Europe or sg.vpn.btguard.com for Singapore.
4. Destination name: BTGuard VPN
5. Username:
6. Password: Enter your password.
7. Disable IPv6 for your Internet connection:
Download patch, extract, and run DisableIPv6.reg.

Setup complete!
How To Connect
1. Click on your Network icon in the notification area (bottom right).
2. Click Connect on the BTGuard connection.
3. Enter your username & password then click Connect

You are now connected!