Frequently Asked Questions

How can I test if BTGuard is working?
Please follow these steps to confirm BTGuard is setup correctly.

1. Visit
Instead of your IP, you should get or or or
VPN is not working
1. Software Firewall - Have you checked your firewall software? The easiest way to test if it's conflicting with your VPN connection is to disable it and try the connection again. If this allows you to connect to the VPN you'll need to setup an exception in order to use the VPN while it's running. This will vary depending on your firewall software, but in general you will need to allow outgoing connections to port 1723 and the GRE protocol (47) also allowed. Alternatively you could set an exception for all traffic to the VPN server address.

2. Router - It's possible your router doesn't support or isn't configured for PPTP VPN Passthrough. To test this, try connecting to the Internet without the router and see if it works. In other words plug your computer directly into your modem device bypassing the router.

3. Another Computer - Do you have a 2nd PC you can try the account on, or a friends computer at another location? If so try it out. The VPN account will work on any PC, anywhere.

4. Error in Creation - This one is odd but it does happen. For whatever reason sometimes the second time when you create a VPN connection it will work. So delete your first one, and try again.

5. Reboot - As always, a reboot on your devices can't hurt. System resources can run low and cause all sorts of problems. Try to reboot your PC, Router, and Modem, then once the PC returns start VPN before openning any applications.

6. Vista UAC - Customers have found that disabling UAC will sometimes allow OpenVPN and even our PPTP connections to work.
I keep getting disconnected?
This is typically due to your wireless connection dropping or ISP connection. If you're using PPTP, make sure your redial setting are like this.
What can I do if my provider blocks PPTP VPN?
If PPTP is blocked, please try using OpenVPN.
Once I connect to the VPN, do I need to do anything else to torrent anonymously?
No, you can use any BitTorrent client you wish and it will automatically be anonymous.
How do I make the VPN connect automatically when I start windows?
Can I configure my router to connect to the VPN?
Yes, but this all depends on your router. If your router support PPTP or OpenVPN, it should be quite possible if you follow the instructions for your specific router.